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Jody Anne Harvey, ATP
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Nancy Roy, Receptionist


            We appreciate your faithfulness, referrals and will continue to serve you with excellent service for all that Spradtax Incorporated can offer you. We hope to be in our new building right next store at 2811 Placida. We will hold an “Open House on January 14, 2014 (Tuesday) at 1:00 p.m. Please join us for refreshments and a look at our new offices. Jody, Sabrina, Nancy and I will look forward in seeing you then. Last year there were many clients we had to find an appointment for due to a full schedule and we encourage you to make your appointments early even if you don’t have everything, you will get the first choice for a second appointment to finish up with reserved spaces.

What is IRS doing???? Many of us wish we knew, but I will try and give you what information we have to date.

 IRS has informed us that they may not allow returns to be processed until early February. We can e-file them, they just won’t be processed until IRS is ready. This is the second year we have had to go through this. You cannot use your last pay stubs, you must have your W-2’s.

 Child care credit is going to be very tight. Two additional pages have been added and you need to show proof that the child is truly yours, birth certificates etc. They are cracking down on abusers of this law and watching very closely.

 If you claim mileage or a vehicle, you must have the odometer reading on the log before you start and the company you are going to/for what purpose and the ending odometer reading when you get back, otherwise the mileage or car expense will be deleted. Logs must be shown to the tax preparer for verification.

 Many of the credits we have been blessed with have expired and we hope that Congress will give an extension on some, but we are still waiting. Some still in effect are: Residential energy property credit-American Opportunity credit-Increase EIC for taxpayers with 3 or more children.

 If you do not want to take out your RMD from your IRA’s you can donate them to a church or charity and not pay taxes on them. Also, if you have a huge gain on a stock that you don’t want to pay taxes on, you can donate it and not only not have to pay taxes, but get a write off on it.
 High income clients will have a 3.8%(NIIT) tax on interest and dividends. Also a new 20% capital gain for high income clients. High income rates that exceed the amount are: MFJ $225,000, MFS $400, 000, single $425,000 and $450,000 HOH. Also, at these same amounts in excess there will be a .09% increase in Medicare tax on earned income.

I will be updating this website as information comes through. Remember we are a full service bookkeeping and payroll company as well and have the lowest prices in town. We thank you again for your confidence in us and want to serve you with total satisfaction.

Carolyn Spradlin, CTP
First Vice President of the American Society of Tax Professionals
President of Spradtax Inc.
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